with Dump, you can build your own micro-blog (just like this one!) where you control everything, hosted securely on your domain

How Deta works

The reason it doesn't cost you anything to host this micro-blog on the Internet is because of what the generous folks over at Deta are building, a personal cloud.

They propose the idea of the Personal Cloud as something in between your person computer and cloud servers.

When you create an account on Deta.space they give you your personal cloud, you can then install apps on your personal cloud just like how you install apps on your phone. The app and it's data will be hosted on your Deta account, not on the servers of the app. It's a new concept.

If you don't care about the tech behind this, here's a to the point version: Deta hosts your Dump.ink website for you for free forever and you can use your custom domain or get a free .dump.ink subdomain.

How to Markdown

Markdown is a simple popular way to style text.

Here's how it works:

  • *italic*italic

  • **bold**bold

  • ***bold and italic***bold and italic

  • ~~strikethrough~~strikethrough

  • > blockquote


  • # Heading 1

Heading 1

  • ## Heading 2

Heading 2

  • ### Heading 3

Heading 3

What can I do with Dump?

Here are some ideas:

  • Share your thoughts, the useful tools, interesting reads and the nice music you find on the Internet.
  • Keep a reverse-chronological archive of projects you take up, like building an app, learning economics, or writing a book.
  • Use it as a public changelog page for your side projects announcing new updates and bug fixes to your app to the people who care.



Excited to try it out! Excited to try it out! Excited to try it out! Excited to try it out! Excited to try it out! Excited to try it out!


Excited to try it out!


Excited to try it out!

Pricing plans

Dump is 100% free right now and will be this way for everyone who signs up before I put up a paid plan. Plus, you'll get all future updates.

How to set up custom domains for your Dump blog.

Once you have installed Dump in your Deta.space account, you will see it's icon on your Deta Space Canvas.

  1. Click on the three dots shown on Dump's icon and choose settings from the drop down menu
  2. Head over to the domains tab and click on Add custom domain
  3. Type in your domain name without https:// prefix like example.com and click on Add domain. You can also use a free name.dump.inkdomain (subject to availability). Just enter your desired subdomain like example.dump.ink and click Add domain. If it says "Error: Domain is already in use", then it's not available and you should try for a different subdomain.
  4. It will show you two DNS records that you'll have to add to your domain through your Registrar. If you don't know how to do that, just google "How to add DNS records to in " Skip this step if you're using the free .dump.ink domain.
  5. Now you'll have to wait for about 10 minutes (might take more time in some cases, max: 24 hours)

Here's a more detailed and visual guide to doing this.

And here's a list of unsupported domains.

Plans for the future of Dump!

These are just some of my ideas on what features would Dump-ers want. Feel free to DM me your own ideas. :)


  • Support for uploading image
  • Custom accent colour
  • Dark mode


  • Commenting (private/public)
  • Liking (private/public)


  • Email posts to subscribers

Hello worlds!